Public hearing for asphalt plant draws a crowd in Town of Russia

(WKTV) - It was standing room only at the Town of Russia Municipal Building during the public hearing, Tuesday night, regarding a stop work order for a proposed asphalt plant in the town.

At least 100 area residents and others showed up to express their concerns to the town's Zoning Board of Appeals.

Previously, a stop work order was placed on the plant's activity. Plant representatives attended the meeting and said the stop work order was issued in "error" and that the asphalt production was grandfathered in and is an approved activity.

Area residents are concerned about the impact it could have on the community and carcinogens released into the environment.

"It gets into your drinking water, it kills the livestock we have chickens, we have a dog, we have a cat," said Monika Story. "And, it's just unbelievable that someone would want to profit from something like that."

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