Assisted living facility could be built on HCCC Campus

By WKTV News

HERKIMER-(WKTV)The Herkimer County Community College is working with Valley Health Services on a plan to build an assisted living facility on the campus.

The Herkimer County Legislature voted on a proposal, this evening, to secure state funding for the project. The proposal was passed unanimously.

The $11.3 million project would be used to provide a place for the older members of the community to live and also to teach health care students.

Officials said it's the first known facility of its kind on a community college campus. It is expected to have 46 small apartments.

"We're going to develop some new programs that have been requested by our healthcare partner," said College President Ann Marie Murray . "So we're very excited about that we'll be able to increase enrollment of our existing healthcare programs."

The facility would be built behind the athletic fields. "So it's close enough to walk to but just far enough to have it's own little space," said Murray.

Construction on the project won't begin until funding is secured.

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