Common council hopes to pay pensions before year end


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Utica Common Council had its first meeting, Wednesday night, since the elections and the council hopes to address the issue of paying for city pensions before the new members are sworn-in.

The council wants to take out a $8.5 million bond to help pay for city employee pensions along with sick pay and holiday pay for law enforcement.

Edward Bucciero , councilor-at-large says that if the items are paid for in December then they can save about $60,000. The payment is originally due in February.

Bucciero says the council has lots of unfinished business to address, but this is one item they'd like to clear out before the year's end.

"I think we as a group will try to finish our our term and we'll try to close up any loose ends that we think would be appropriate," said Bucciero. "There's probably a lot of legislation that we would probably want to leave to the newcomers to the new members that will be joining us. I think it's only fair that they participate in the process."

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