Cuomo: High speed a central cause of train crash

NEW YORK (AP) - Gov. Andrew Cuomo says the National Transportation Safety Board findings make it clear that "extreme speed was a central cause" of the deadly train derailment in New York City.

The NTSB said Monday the Metro-North Railroad commuter train was traveling 82 mph as it approached a 30 mph zone when it jumped the tracks Sunday morning along a sharp curve in the Bronx. Four passengers died.

Cuomo released a statement Monday saying his administration will continue to work closely with the NTSB as it investigates the cause of the accident.

He said that when the investigation concludes, he'll make sure that "any responsible parties are held accountable."

The names of the victims who have died are as follows:

Jim Lovell: A lighting expert helping to set up the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center that is to be turned on Wednesday.

Kisook Ahn: A Korean immigrant who epitomized the American dream. She worked as a nurse while sharing quarters with three roommates.

Paralegal Donna Smith: She was going to hear her sister sing Handel's "Messiah."

James Ferrari: Worked weekends in Manhattan performing building maintenance to put his daughter through college.

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