Cuomo proposes assault weapon ban: What does that mean for Remington Arms?

By Hilary Lane

ALBANY - "Let's set an example for the rest of the nation," said Governor Cuomo during his State of the State Address Wednesday. "Let them look at NY and say this is what you can do and this is what you should do."

After the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut that left 27 dead, Cuomo said the time is now to pass the toughest ban on assault weapons in the country.

Cuomo is proposing the "Safe and Fair Gun Policy" that would tighten weapon bans already in place and eliminate large capacity magazines entirely.

What would the impact be on Remington Arms in Ilion, one of the world's largest gun suppliers and one of the area's largest employers?

"They do not have to be located in a state hostile to gun ownership," said Senator Seward.

Local officials said its too early to predict the potential effect on the company because the definition of assault weapon is hazy. However, area official promising to work to make sure Remington Arms continues to call the Mohawk Valley home.

"There are 1,350 employees at Remington right now and we are going to do whatever we can to make sure Remington stays here and do everything to educate the public about the 2nd amendment and what the ban may or may not do," said Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney.

The bill is expected to be up for a vote in the upcoming months.

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