Deadly plane crash in the Town of Webb

By Rachel Murphy

UPDATE: TOWN OF WEBB, N.Y. (WKTV)--Updated information surrounding the plane crash near a Herkimer County reservoir.

According to Watertown station W-W-N-Y, state police say the body of Schiele "Bill" Brewer, 76, was recovered in the Town of Webb and was taken to a Lewis County hospital Thursday evening. Sources who knew Brewer say he was an experienced pilot.
Crews from the Federal Aviation Administration are expected to arrive Friday to determine the cause of the crash. In the meantime, police will monitor the plane. It has been moved to a dock about a mile from the crash-site.

Previous Report: One man is dead after a small plane crash in the Town of Webb on Thursday.

The plane landed in the Stillwater Reservoir, crashing roughly six miles east from the Stillwater Hotel. Now state police are working on recovering the body of the pilot.

Police say they believe no one else was in the plane at the time, but weren't able to the confirm that detail yet.

The investigation began after several campers heard the crash and alerted police around 10:30 a.m.

State police along with the Lewis County Sheriff's Department and several other local law enforcement are working to recover the body.

The plane is currently submerged in water. State police divers are working on retrieving the plane and finding the body, which they say will be a challenge.

"There's very little access to the road... by boat to reach the aircraft," said State Police Lieutenant Michael White. "The aircraft is actually in about five feet of water, so what we plan to do is... lift the aircraft with a winch to put in on a boat and bring it back."

Officials say the man was a very experienced pilot. But the victim's name is not being released until all of the family has been notified, and the body has been properly identified.

The cause of the crash is still under investigation. Police plan to release more information about the incident on Friday.         

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