Dog rescued from steep cliff in German Flatts


GERMAN FLATTS, N.Y. (WKTV) - A very cute beagle got himself in quite a predicament Sunday afternoon in Herkimer County and it took a very delicate rescue to get him to safety.

The dog named Apollo managed to get himself up part of the way on a huge embankment along the Fulmer Creek near Route 168 in German Flatts at some point on Sunday.

Around 3:00 Sunday afternoon, his owner, who had been searching for him noticed he was high above the ground nestled in a small crevice of the cliff.

Rescuers from the Mohawk, Ilion and East Herkimer fire departments responded and had to have one firefighter repel about 250 feet down the huge cliff to carefully and successfuly take Apollo up to safety.

Apollo's owner, Eugene Tucker says he noticed that Apollo was missing Sunday morning and he was searching and searching for his best friend for hours until he heard Apollo crying.  He looked down the creek bed and there he was.

Tucker wanted to thank each and every firefighter who responded, but especially the firefighter that repelled all the way down that cliff from high above to save him.

Apollo appeared to be exhausted after being rescued, as it was very warm and sunny, and there's no telling how long he had been in that particular spot waiting for help.

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