Fan favorite wheelchair racer finishes his second Boilermaker

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV)--Crowds at the Boilermaker Road Race once again shouted and cheered words of encouragement as wheelchair racer Jason Robinson, crossed the finish line.

This year the 10-year-old, of Rome, finished the race in one hour and 13 minutes. Last year Robinson was one of the youngest Boilermaker participants and the youngest wheelchair athlete.

Robinson was also selected as a 2013 Go The Distance member. A few months leading up to the race NewsChannel 2 profiled Robinson along with the other participants.

Robinson spoke about the support he had received from his classmates, who had raised money to buy him a racing wheelchair.

NewsChannel 2's Steve McMurray had the opportunity to interview the athlete after Robinson completed this year's race.

"It was more exciting this year, now that I knew what the course would be like," he said.

Robinson added that we was able to use his breaks less because he was familiar with the layout and curvatures of the race.

Robinson said he plans to compete in next year's Boilermaker.

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