Frankfort Village Police avoid cuts


FRANKFORT, N.Y. (WKTV) - The village of Frankfort will not be making cuts to its police department. The plan was to cut two full time positions down to part time to help balance the village's budget, but Thursday night, the Chief presented that one full time officer will be leaving, making the plan unnecessary.

Frankfort Village Police Chief Ronald Petrie presented the news to the village board in an executive session of Thursday's meeting.

The past week he found out one of his four full time officers will be transferring to a different police department, so rather than bring two officers down to part-time, the village board agreed to keep the other officer as full time and not replace the transferring officer's position.

The plan leaves Chief Petrie with two working full time officers and one on extended medical leave.

While he says he's not ecstatic with the outcome, he is satisfied, calling it a good compromise, one that will still keep his department in good shape.

"When I came here in August of 2010 I was working with one full time officer and able to cover 24/7 so I'm still a step ahead from where I was back then," said Chief Petrie. "I have two full timers and I have a good group of part timers, I don't anticipate any problems."

Chief Petrie says when hearing of the potential cuts, he advised the two full-time officers with the least seniority that would be affected and said it would be in their advantage to start looking elsewhere.

He says as always he will not hesitate to use overtime but does not see an abundance being needed for any open shifts.

The officer is currently in the transfer process to a different county.

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