Local Boy Scout Executive Weighs-in on Historic Measure

(WKTV)- The Boy Scouts of America issued a historic vote to end
its ban on gay kids and teens, Thursday night, while leaving in place the ban against gay adult leaders.

Executive Director for the local chapter for the Boy Scouts of America, Michael Donaghue released the following statement about the decision.

"The decision to approve the resolution to allow openly homosexual youth to participate in Scouting is a positive step for us that we, and most of the councils in the northeast, were hoping for.

In discussions with our own constituents in March and April, we gathered input and we sent our recommendation of being more inclusive to our area and national leaders, as was the sentiment pretty much throughout the northeast.

We now are ready to move on in a more inclusive spirit and continue to serve our youth and families with our leadership training and character building programs.

The resolution that was ultimately voted on was the result of extensive discussion and opinion gathering across America from all the constituent groups involved, including funding sources, as well as the public in general."

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