NY to tax scofflaws: Pay or license gets suspended

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) - New York state tax officials say they're sending 16,000 notices to delinquent taxpayers threatening to suspend their driver's licenses if they don't pay up.

The initiative, authorized under a new law proposed by the Cuomo administration, targets New Yorkers with past-due tax liabilities of more than $10,000.

Officials expect to collect $26 million this year and up to $6 million annually after that.

They say 96 percent of taxes are paid reliably by businesses and individuals while 4 percent are collected through audits, collections and criminal investigations.

Delinquent taxpayers notified by the state will have 60 days to arrange payment or receive a second letter with a 15-day deadline, after which the recipient's license will be suspended for failure to establish a payment plan.

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