New York State DOT using strategies to clear streets as snow falls

By Hilary Lane

ONEIDA COUNTY -The New York State DOT had their hands full Wednesday and Thursday working to clear slushy/ icy state roads as the snow continued to fall.

To tackle the trickiest of intersections like the one on Commercial Drive in New Hartford, the State DOT uses three plow trucks, which is called "riding in tandem".

The first truck pushes the snow onto the second lane, the second plow truck then picks up and pushes the snow over, and then the third truck pushes the snow on to the side of the road, away from the cars.

The most important thing to remember is not to pass these trucks or try to get in between them.

"So you got three trucks and all that amount of snow, it's not safe at all," said Dana Grube of the New York State DOT.

As the snow continues to fall, workers consistently go back and forth on each route.

The State DOT has eight different plow routes throughout the area.

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