Oneonta residents voting on $4.6 mill capital improvement project

By Hilary Lane

ONEONTA - Residents in Oneonta are voting on a $4.6 million capitol improvement project Tuesday.

"We have ventilation units that we need to replace, drainage issue that we are trying to fix at the high school, asbestos problems, doors that are worn out and need to be replaced," said David Rowley, Interim Superintendent of Oneonta Schools.

The money would also be used for security upgrades in the district schools.

"Get to the point where most schools have already gone," said Rowley. "To have single point of entry with locked doors, doors that can be electronically unlocked, people sign in and have to be cleared to come into the building."

Even though the state would cover 70 percent of the project costs, residents would still see a little less than a 1 percent tax increase which for some, is too much.

"We keep continually getting taxed all the time and it is time to put a halt to it," said one voter.

However, others say it is a small price to pay for better equipped, safer schools.

"For everyone's piece of mind," said another voter. "We can all rest a little easier knowing the kids that are completely secure and we don't have to worry about sending the kids to the schools."

The polls are open at the Oneonta School District offices until 9 p.m. Tuesday night.

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