Opt Out CNY : Opting out common core exams is an option


NEW HARTFORD, N.Y. (WKTV) - Hundreds of parents, teachers, students and a few public officials attended an education rally in Washington Mills Thursday night to generate dialogue about the controversial common core curriculum.

The new education standards were described by some in attendance as unrealistic and developmentally inappropriate for students.

The grass roots education movement called Opt Out CNY hosted the event.

Opt Out CNY spokesperson Jessica McNair said students can actually opt out or just refuse to take the common core state exams, because there is no rule saying that they can't refuse the tests.

"Certainly, we don't expect students to refuse to participate in their classroom experiences. And we don't suggest students refuse important Regents Exams required for graduation," said Jessica McNair. "We are encouraging students and families to ask more questions about what students are being taught in school. We're also encouraging parents and students to ask for education practices that better fit their needs instead of a one size fits all common core curriculum."

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