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Outreach Center partners with Syracuse Law School Legal Clinic to offer free legal advice to vets

By WKTV Nov. 19, 2015

UTICA, NY - The Central New York Outreach Center is partnering with the Syracuse Law School Legal Clinic to help vets receive the assistance they need.

Today the clinic runs until 2 p.m. and offers a wide range of services.

The two primary goals of the clinic are to deal with discharge upgrades and veterans clinics through the VA process. They also deal with family law, divorce, homeless issues and criminal matters.

Joseph Lamendola, Director of External Relations at Syracuse University, says, “I think that the vets are most appreciative in Oneida County and in the Central New York area and we believe it’s going to be a continued success."

If you need an appointment, call 765-0975. The clinics will be held twice a month. If the clinic is not able to help the veteran, they have a stable of 45 attorneys who work pro bono to help area veterans with legal issues.

The clinic is held at the Veteran's Outreach Center, 726 Washington Street, in Utica. 

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