Staffing changes at Utica City Hall announced

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Utica Mayor Robert Palmieri announced, Tuesday, a reorganization of several city departments.

He says the changes will make the operations of these departments more efficient.

Changes are as follows: Commissioner of the Departments of DPW and Parks and Recreation Dave Short will now be the Director of the Youth Bureau.

Lonnie Jenkins will become the new Recreation Director and will play a larger role in the day to day operations of the Youth Bureau.

Sean Brown will now serve as the Recreation Specialist.

The Division of Infrastructure will now be under the supervision of Fred Sperry, the Deputy Commissioner of the departments of DPW and Parks and Recreation.

The Mayor also announced the hiring of Diane Shoemaker, out of contracted services, to assist the Department of Urban and Economic Development, and Merima Smajic as the new Legal Assistant for the Corporation Council.

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