Whitesboro Village seal controversy on Comedy Central's, "Daily Show"

By Joleen Ferris Jan. 22, 2016

Comedy Central's, "The Daily Show" ran a roughly six-and-a-half-minute segment on the Village of Whiteboro's seal controversy Thursday night.  Some village residents aren't laughing.

"Totally disgusted. They just drew everything to their direction. What they wanted to make fun of without knowing the truth, whatsoever," said Don Hartmann, of The Potting Shed Antiques. Hartman recently wrote, "Proud of Whitesboro" on the sign outside his business.

In the Daily Show segment, the reporter refers to the village mayor as, "Whitey Whiterson".  Mayor Patrick O'Connor calls the situation a lose/lose. "...We ignore a Comedy Central show coming to town and just let them run roughshod, we lose;  we participate with Comedy Central, and people think we don't take the issue seriously, we lose (chose to participate to attempt to mitigate the accusations and perception toward our community)," said Mayor Patrick O'Connor.

O'Connor and the Oneida Indian Nation issued a joint statement Friday, saying that they and descendants of village founder Hugh White are joining together to create a new village seal.  O'Connor says the village has been getting much feedback from residents, including White family descendants, who feel a change is appropriate. He says while he's humbled by the community's desire to preserve the seal's history, the recent perceptions of the community are not the legacy village residents believe their founder or his family would want.

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