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CNY firefighters want government to recognize them as volunteers, not employees

(WKTV) - Volunteer Firefighters here in central New York are joining with their counterparts around the country to make sure the federal government doesn't recognize them as 'employees' and not volunteers under the new national healthcare law; a move that would require some departments, depending on their size, to purchase health insurance for their volunteers. Read more »

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House OKs coverage plans short of Obamacare rules

WASHINGTON (AP) - The Republican-controlled House has passed legislation letting insurance companies sell individual coverage to all comers, even if it falls short of standards set in "Obamacare." The... Read More »

Policy cancellations: Obama will allow old plans

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Barack Obama says he hears Americans who are upset about losing their health insurance "loud and clear" and is offering a fix. Read More »

Local Affordable Care Act 'helpers' report great progress

(WKTV) - Community groups and not for profit agencies across the country have been given federal funding to help people navigate through the process of enrolling in an insurance plan under the Affordable Care Act. Read More »

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