Brother of Earle Reed named as new Boilermaker Executive Director

By Dave Dellecese

UTICA - A new executive director has been named for the Boilermaker Road Race, and his name may sound familiar.

Tim Reed will be taking over his new position on November 1. Reed is the brother of the Boilermaker's founder, Earle Reed. Tim Reed recently retired as the president of "ECR International," which he says will help him with his new job.

"I have to be able to lead this herd," Tim Reed said. "To say, continue doing the things that you do. I'm pretty goal-focused, so I know what I want and I know how to get there and I know how to be able to be organized enough to make those sorts of things happen."

Like his brother, Earle, Tim has raced in the famous 15K Road Race. He says he has run in 27 out of the 30 races, calling himself a "middle of the pack" runner.

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