Area soldiers running their own Boilermaker in Baghdad


BAGHDAD - If you can't make it to town for the Boilermaker, bring the Boilermaker to you. That's what a group of U.S. soldiers is doing. A 15K race will take place in both Iraq and Afghanistan this Sunday.

Thousands of miles away, planning and training is underway. Over in Baghdad, the race started with two soldiers - Master Sergeant Jim Carrabba, from Otsego County, and Master Sergeant Jeff Conant, from Mohawk.

250 soldiers are taking part in the race as of Wednesday evening.

Chief Warrant Officer Dan Clark has set up a similar event in Afghanistan.

The biggest difference there is running in 125 degree heat while wearing bullet proof vests.

The Boilermaker committee here at home is very excited about the race going global. They've sent tee-shirts and finishing pins to the participants - anything to give the soldiers a taste of home.

"They miss the camaraderie, miss the music, miss their families and this is actually where they put that whole connection back together where they are in the dessert basically," said Kevin Copeland, race divisions director.

Coming up on Friday at the Live at Five Newshour is on location at the Health and Fitness Expo. There, we'll hear from a couple of the soldiers making the Boilermaker possible overseas.

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