Runners get last minute advice from a panel of pros

By Susan Campbell

Runners are gearing up for the world famous road race with some help from the professionals!

Katherine Switzer is a running legend and she's the first female to finish the Boston marathon with a numbered bib. She says she's happy to be here in Utica to share some of her best advice with boilermaker athletes.

Katherine Switzer, “I have run through these hills and over these roads for thousands of miles... So to be back at the boilermaker is a bit like coming home to me.”

Coming home to a crowd eager to ask lots of questions. Everything from serious cross-training tips, like Frank Shorter, “The goal is to get your heart rate elevated and keep it there. It doesn't matter how you do it.”

To light hearted recovery methods from Bill Rogers, “Today I like to go to the swimming pool and just float there b/c it's so relaxing.”

But above all the panel of pros says, “Just enjoy the experience”.

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