Boilermaker Chip Timing system fails at start line


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Boilermaker Committee has confirmed that the chip timing system failed at the starting line. More than half of the race's participants will not have an exact chip time due to the error. Only about 4,000 chips times were registered and was an intermittent problem throughout the race.

Boilermaker Public Relations Director Mary MacEnroe says the committee is working hard to come up with the most accurate times as possible for the runners. It took less that 12 minutes for the final runner to cross the start line, so officials will interpolate the gun times and an estimated time of start based on the runners bib color and chorale.

The bib and chorale system was designed for this reason, in case there was a timing discrepancy.

The company who hosts the timing is Leone Timing and Results Services. Pat Leone, president of the company is on site trying to see where the system failed.

 The Boilermaker said they are considering setting up an email account for runners to contact them with their times.

MacEnroe noted that gun times are considered the official finishing times when determined by the USA Track & Field Organization and Road Runners Club of America Organization.


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