Strain of running combined with muggy conditions takes a toll on runners


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - The strain of running coupled with muggy conditions takes a toll on runners no matter how experienced they are. Last year nearly 200 runners staggered through the medical tent after a scorching hot race.

The biggest difference between this year's race and last year's is probably the lines over at the medical tent, which was a lot shorter. Medical personnel were surprised because they thought the humidity would take a greater toll on the runners.

Some still needed help crossing the line; others made it but then needed help. According to medical officials, about 120 runners hydrated, iced down and rested inside the medical tent 90 minutes after the race was won.

Medical Director John Detraglia says the 2008 Boilermaker saw less middle of the road and back of the pack runners staggering into the tent but more elite runners made a visit than in recent years. We asked his thoughts as to why.

John Detraglia, Boilermaker Medical Director, "These are people who push awfully hard and I think they become insensitive to their surroundings until they hit the finish."

Detralia thinks the calm breeze blowing through the area may have helped trick the runners into thinking things were a little cooler than it was. Aside from elites only 4 runners were transported to the hospital 2 hours after the race, last year there were 20.

Those who were injured suffered more leg injuries and dehydration than did heat exhaustion hours later.

Even though runners can get sick again even after leaving the medical tent medical officials say its rare and even if they do, they are given instructions in order to treat whatever they are suffering from later in the day.


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