Runners gain that all important last mile motivation


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Most of the Boilermaker field can't claim to be elite runners. So for those who may have a tough time tackling the course there's motivation at mile marker 8.

The corner of Champlain ave. and Whitesboro Street is an important one. It's about 1 mile to the end of the race, and for one guy he's been there since 1990 helping runners get through the tough 15 k.

His name is Paul McAndrew and though he's not running the road race he's a big part of boilermaker history. He's been manning the 8 mile marker for nearly two decades now, sometimes singing and dancing.

All ways he says he's giving back to the community and motivating the racers who need it the most, "it's great to see the elite ones, I don't know how much they need me, but I'm always there for them. But it's the people that are last... That are coming down last that need your support the most... And I'm here right to the finish line... Right to last one goes by."

Everyone knows that old saying; slow and steady wins the race. These people may not be the overall winner. But they're all winners that they finished this huge race.

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