Boilermaker 2007


Tips for runners before Boilermaker party as officials look to a larger future

By Laurie Benedict

UTICA – Before you know it, Boilermaker Sunday will be here, and thousands of runners will one by one cross the famous finish line of the Saranac Brewery.

The Boilermaker is a little more than nine miles long – which might be just a warm-up for some, but for those who are newer to road races, trainer Linda Turner has some tips to get you ready for the big event.

“Take it as its fun,” Turner said. “Don't take it seriously. If you go out there to have a good time and to enjoy yourself and just get to the finish line…that's the attitude you have to have to get there.”

Of course, one of the most memorable parts about crossing the finish line is the post-race party at the Saranac Brewery. But Turner warns all runners to chug some water before you chugging some brew with your friends and families.

Just drink a bottle of water right before you head to the brewery and you’ll be able to party with all the runners well into the day.

As of today, the total number of runners who have entered the Boilermaker is 12, 196. Race officials say it’s a record for the road race.

Last year’s numbers hovered close to 11,000 participants.

For the past ten years the Boilermaker has baosted the title of the largest 15-K Road race in the nation.

But how long can it hold on to that?

Race director Bob Ingalls said the City of Utica would have to do a lot more to attract larger numbers.

“We need an airport,” Ingalls said. “And we need more hotels in order to bring 50,000 people here to run. If we could do that we could make the roads work, we could modify the course a little bit.”

Ingalls said he’s optimistic that one day Utica will become more of a metropolitan area and bring in thousands more runners to participate in the yearly race.

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