Boilermaker 2007


Kids take part in Boilermaker through the 5th Annual Youth Olympics

By Laurie Benedict

UTICA – Kids from all over Utica are getting the chance to be a part of the Boilermaker, even if they can’t run the 15K race.

Kids participated in 11 events Thursday at the Fifth Annual Boilermaker Youth Olympics. Events included basketball, kickball, and a homerun derby, among others.

Lonnie Jenkins, the Youth Bureau Director estimates that when all is said and done roughly 300 kids participated in activities throughout the day.

“A lot of these inner city kids cannot get to the different Boilermaker races, so we have a youth dash here so the kids from the inner city and the kids from Utica can participate,” Jenkins said.

The Boilermaker Youth Olympics event is for kids between the ages of 8-18.

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