International Mile brings worldly flavor to Boilermaker

By Laurie Benedict

UTICA – For the second straight year, there was added encouragement to runners in the first two-mile stretch of the race, at the “International Mile.”

Because so many different nationalities are represented at the Boilermaker, organizes seceded to make each and every runner feel at home.

“We have about nine different acts from a variety of countries: Bosnia, Somolia, Irish and Scottish…a Polish band and Albanian band,” said John Ferris, International Mile organizer.

There were nine different locations between miles one and two, and 192 flags each representing the countries of the United Nations.

“We have about twice as many acts as we have more displays and flags, going to be a great time,” Ferris said. “We are seeing more spectators come out this year.”

Organizers created the stretch along the course because it was sort of a dead spot. But last year, the energy helped East Utica win the Annual Block Party Competition.

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