Medical tent offers advice and help to runners along the way

By Laurie Benedict

UTICA – Some felt the thrill of victory at Sunday’s Boilermaker Road Race, while others felt something else and visited the medical tent for treatment after a sweltering run.

One of the hotter Boilermakers in recent memory made the 15K race even more of a challenge for elite runners…and everyone else.

“This is a little warmer than normal and it's obviously the biggest field we've had and we're on track for one of the warmer Boilermakers," said Dan Broedel, medical coordinator for the race.

While finishing the race is a thrill for everybody that gets to run and those who don't finish it and even those who do are forced to come here to the medical tent where they are able to re-hydrate their fluids and get a little better.

About 15 minutes after the race, there were a total of 48 runners who sought medical attention. A reasonable number according to Brodel.

Those who suffer from dehydration issues are the most common patients.

It’s more than just the heat that effects some runners physically.

“I felt pretty emotional,” said William Peterson of Ilion. “I felt like crying almost it's pretty emotional I mean I started to spring the last mile it's pretty tough."

Peterson got a little sick at the tent and blames it on the chicken riggies and sausages he ate the night before the race, while others complained about being a little dry.

“I never did,” said Monique Kelly also of East Hampton, NJ. “I never do knock on wood, so hopefully I can continue for many years."

Kelly offers advice for those who are headed to the Post Race Party after cruising 15K in oppressive heat.

“It’s the water, not the beer…it’s water.” She said.

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