Jim Stasaitis announced as 2008 Boilermaker Race Director

By Dave Dellecese

UTICA - It's official...Jim Stasaitis is taking over as the next director of the Boilermaker.

He started volunteering for the road race 22 years ago, and for the past seven years, he's been the Course Director.

He says he's excited about his new post and says he knows he has some big shoes to fill. In the race's 30 years there have only been 2 other race directors: Earle Reed and Bob Ingalls.

As race director, Stasaitis will oversee 16 directors, 129 committee coordinators, and more than 6,000 volunteers.

Anything and everything, from the start line to the finish line of the biggest 15K in the country, is his responsibility.

But Stasaitis says his new job should be pretty easy, because the Boilermaker's such a well-oiled machine.

“No major changes from what I can see,” he said. “The race is not broken. It's been 30 years. We've been doing it right for 30 years. Tweaking here...tweaking there...moving something, but no major changes. The Boilermaker is still going to be the same Boilermaker you've seen in the past.”

One of those little tweaks he's talking about are small changes to the starting line. He says he would like to bring more signage to the area... to give sponsors a little more recognition.

The search for a Boilermaker Road Race executive director is on-going.

Earle Reed says he'll remain the executive director until the committee finds his successor

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