Boilermaker Bib Swap begins May 5

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - The Bib Swap for the 2014 Boilermaker Road Race begins Monday, May 5.
The swap allows the legal transfer of bibs from those who registered, but can't participate in the race to those who were unable to register, but want to participate.
"This year's unprecedented early sellout of both the 15k and 5k race created a situation where many runners found themselves on the outside looking in, so we are hopeful this will give people a second chance to participate," said race director Jim Stasaitis. "For both security and medical purposes we want to see transfers take place within our process."
Runners who have a registration will have from May 5th until June 13th to un-register. The new runner will have until June 25th to complete the transfer process. 
The Boilermaker will offer a bulletin board on where those who are looking for a registration will be able to find those who have a registration. The bulletin board will be available from May 5th until June 14th.

The cost for new runners who purchase a bib will include a $10 registration fee, and hopefuls can register by visiting   

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