Highlights from the Boilermaker Post-Race Party

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - After the race, about 40,000 people congregated for the Boilermaker post-race party.

"The music, free food, all the drinks and the people. It’s a good time. It's my first one, my first race actually so it's a cool experience," said Dan Smith, a first time Boilermaker runner.

Some runners had an extra reason to celebrate on Sunday.

"Last year I was getting my head shaved 'cause I was going through chemo for breast cancer and this year I was able to run the 5K for the first time. It's the only marathon I've run in my life, so this was awesome. I had so much fun and my family ran with me, it was awesome," said Julie Partigianona.

Matt Sadlik ran the Boilermaker on his twenty-eighth birthday.

"This is all for me right?" he said, laughing. "Just running around with the crowd and everyone's so nice saying 'happy birthday,' ‘go runners.’ “It’s such a supportive crowd. It makes it a great race,” he said.

And there were those who went the extra mile.

"This is our tenth year dressed as the Blues Brothers, but my 21st consecutive Boilermaker," said John Healt, who runs with his nephew every year.

"As we're running the race we get the crowd going at the same time so then they thank us afterward. It's kind of nice, kind of neat to hear that," said Matt Healt.

But most say the best part is the community.

"The vibe, just being here. The community just comes together. People from all over the country, all over the world even come together to enjoy what Utica has to offer," said John Vergis, who ran the entire race dressed as a giant beer can.

With 250 kegs and about 416 beers poured per minute, it's safe to say just about everyone left with a taste of Utica.

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