The Top 15 Women in Business

PINK and Ernst & Young Announce The Innovators

ATLANTA -- The March.April issue of PINK magazine features the Top 15 Women in Business -- "The Innovators" -- PINK's exclusive list of the most influential women driving innovation (and revenue) in corporate America.

From Michelle Gass, just promoted to senior vice president of global strategy at Starbucks, to Union Pacific Railroad's Diane Duren, who developed a new train route that delivers millions in revenue annually, these women create meaningful change in their organizations -- the kind that births new generations of products and has an immediate impact on the bottom line.

"PINK would like to thank Ernst & Young LLP, the sponsor of this year's Top Women list," says Genevieve Bos, PINK's founding publisher. "As part of their ongoing efforts to advance women at all levels of corporate America, they have allowed PINK to share the incredible stories of these women with our career-focused readers nationwide."

Billie Williamson, Ernst & Young's Americas director, flexibility and gender equity strategy, adds: "Ernst & Young is proud to join PINK in celebrating women who make a difference, not only through their innovative ideas, but through their courage and ability to team with others to see ideas to fruition. We applaud the accomplishments of this year's Top 15 Women in Business and the examples they set for the next generation of female innovators."

This year's Top 15 Women in Business -- "The Innovators" -- are:

-- Cathy Avgiris, Comcast
-- Barbara Beck, Manpower
-- Irene Chang Britt, Campbell Soup
-- Laurie Brubaker, Aetna
-- Diane Duren, Union Pacific Railroad
-- Julie England, Texas Instruments
-- Michelle Gass, Starbucks
-- Mona Siu-Kan Lau, Ph.D., UBS
-- Dijuana Lewis, WellPoint
-- Margery Mayer, Scholastic
-- Seong Ohm, Wal-Mart
-- Linda Sanford, IBM
-- Nor Rae Spohn, Hewlett-Packard
-- Donna Sturgess, Glaxosmithkline
-- Padmasree Warrior, Cisco Systems

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