Top Ten Winter Energy Savings Tips

Tip Area Energy Saving Action Estimated Monthly Therm Savings Estimated Monthly Cost Savings
1 Heating Replace an 80% efficient furnace with one that is 90% efficient or more. 28 $38
2 Heating   Tune up your furnace. 8 $11
3 Heating Install a programmable thermostat and set it to lower the temperature 6 to 8 degrees when you will be sleeping or not at home. 15 $20
4 Heating Seal hidden air leaks in attics and basements and use caulk and weatherstripping to keep heat from leaking around windows, doors and other openings. 6 $8
5 Heating Use insulation products/insulated glass, etc., to keep heat from leaking through walls, ceiling and windows. 15 $20
6 Clothes Dryer Dry only full loads of laundry to reduce the amount of time your dryer is running. 6 $8
7 Water Heating Lower the temperature setting on your hot water tank to 120 degrees. 8 $11
8 Water Heating Replace a standard hot water tank with a high-efficiency model for better insulation. 6 $8
9 Windows Install energy-efficient ENERGY STAR windows when windows need replacement. 5 $7
10 New Appliances Always buy ENERGY STAR-qualified models when buying or replacing appliances. 22 $30

Savings will vary from home to home based on a number of factors. Data based on 1,800 square foot house. Monthly therm saving estimates are for heating season October 15, 2007 - April 15, 2008. Delivered therm price used was $1.36.

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