Do liquidation sales really mean better bargains?


NEW HARTFORD, N.Y. (WKTV) - Last week, Circuit City announced they would be closing all 567 stores nationwide. Now that the liquidation is underway, we checked in with the store to see just how good of a deal consumers are getting.

For 60 years, Circuit City has been big name in the electronics world. Now, they are being run by five companies who specialize in liquidations.

But does that translate into big sales?

The sign outside the store read "Closing Sale," and it was evident from the outside that people were piling inside to get exactly that - a sale on the big ticket item that perhaps was a little too pricey for them before.

Here is what we found inside on a few of the most popular items:

When it came to the 8 gigabyte Ipod Nano, Circuit City was offering 10% of the original price, about a $15 savings when compared to competitors' prices.

However, we moved onto the camera aisle and found this:

Although Circuit City was again offering 10% of a Canon Powershot, it was the same price as Best Buy across the street, and about $13 more than Walmart's online price.

And when it came to televisions, the 46-inch SONY Bravia full HD is $1,350 - a deal, yes - about $150 off, but Walmart online, again, was about $50 cheaper.

The point is liquidation doesn't necessarily mean bargain basement pricing, and remember - all sales are final.

But if there is a big ticket item you have been eyeing for a while, it may be worth checking out - discounts ranged from 10-30% off original prices.

A representative for the liquidation company says that they will be in the area at the New Hartford Circuit City until at least the bulk of items are sold.

When asked about further discounts, he had no comment.

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