As summer winds down, gasoline prices are on the rise


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - The summer months are winding down, as gas prices are going up. With two days left in July, the national average has jumped 14 cents, and Triple A expects that it will only continue to rise throughout August, affecting many resident's summer vacation plans.

According to Triple A gas is expected to increase through the busy summer driving season due to summertime demand for gasoline, expensive oil prices and possibly because of refinery glitches causing some locals to stay indoors.

Allison Fallati, a Utica resident said the gas prices are taking a toll on her summer plans, "Especially because I am working part time right now... you know... I'm not going too far."

Fallati was also only putting $10 dollars worth of gas in her tank because of how much filling her tank costs.

Some other residents said they don't let rising gas prices affect them. Bob Payne of Utica said, "Gas goes up, gas goes down.. I try not to let it affect our lifestyle."

Either way, the price at the pump is less in Utica then in Europe according to George Collip, who is from the United Kingdom.

Collip said, " If you were paying the three times like we do in the UK then you'd be unhappy...If you came to the UK and saw our prices, then you'd really be worrying," and "It's a load of difference from the last time we were here... we've noticed we're filling 4 to 5 times already when normally we'd only fill twice or 3 its a lot of difference."

Regardless of the type of gas or car, all motorists will feel it in their wallets when gas prices begin increasing.

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