Cruise ship disaster may help lower cruise rates

(WKTV) - Cruise experts have said the cruise ship tragedy off the coast of Italy may be hurting the cruise industry slightly, business-wise, but it could also mean some deals on cruises for travelers.

NEWSChannel 2 spoke with the owner of Cruises In Paradise, which is based in Holland Patent. Marie Latus says this particular time of year is often a busy one for her as January begins what is called Wave Season, because travel agents historically have seen a wave of bookings.

This coupled with any deals that the cruise lines may be offering because of the public relations nightmare in Italy may mean big savings during the Wave Season.

Latus, "Lock in your rates now. That way you can take advantage of the Wave Season, lock them in now and you'll save some extra money. If the rates go down even more, you can even take advantage of that as the year goes on."

Wave season lasts through the middle of February.

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