CHICAGO (AP) - Imagine students learning their ABCs while dancing, or memorizing multiplication tables while doing jumping jacks. Many Central New Yorkers, can't do that! Some schools are using both methods of instruction, and Michelle Obama would like to see more of them use creative ways to help students get the recommended hour of daily exercise. In Chicago on Thursday, the first lady was announcing a new partnership to help schools do just that. It starts with a new website, , where school officials can sign up to get started. The Let's Move campaign did not get a warm reception on the WKTV Facebook page. One teacher said, Physical Education class should be just that. Carol Gibbs Longwell said, " Academics belong in the classroom, not exercise. I had so many desks in my classroom after teacher cuts, there wasn't any room left for exercise. So many tests and paperwork required of teachers, and now more? Jennifer Neff said, " Not every child needs to lose weight, and many are not at risk for being overweight or obese. All this 'get up and go' is great, but some kids need to gain, not lose." Many viewers on the WKTV Facebook page shared these sentiments saying we should be more concerned about class sizes and school lunches, than getting students moving in the classroom. The effort is the newest part of Mrs. Obama's 3-year-old campaign against childhood obesity, known as "Let's Move." You can head to the WKTV Facebook page to join in on the conversation.