Keep your identity safe this Cyber Monday

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - WKTV contributor Michelle Tuttle offers tips to keep your identity protected while scoring the best deals this Cyber Monday.

1. Keep your devices clean-every computer, tablet or phone you are using for online shopping should have up to date security software

2. When in doubt, throw it out- Identity thieves and scammers use links and posts in emails, tweets and online advertising to compromise your computer and electronic devices. Even when you know the source if it appears suspicious, Delete it!

3. Think Before you Act- Be suspicious of amazing deals that seem to good to be true or that insist you act immediately.

4. Know who you are doing business with. Check better business bureau website also make sure you are purchasing from a secured site Https or padlock

5. Be Savvy with public Wi-Fi -Don't share personal info over an unsecured network, when giving Credit Card info. you are on a secured site.

6..Use a separate credit card for online purchases & review the statement for unauthorized charges

7. Protect your personal info. -do not give out unnecessary personal info. if something you are being asked for does not seem right, question it.

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