Live music events pitched for Village of Herkimer pub




HERKIMER, N.Y. (WKTV) - One business in the Village of Herkimer has big plans for live music on Saturday nights similar to the tune of Saranac Thursday, but on the lighter side.

BellyUp Pub owner Amy Mosher says mimicking an event with the reach and capacity of Saranac, is a sure-fire plan to breathe new life into the village.

Mosher wrote up a proposal with her idea to bring music to BellyUp Pub on Saturday nights from 8 until midnight.

She says she got a great response not only from the community, but also from the village board.

" I've had bands, managers, security people, and members of the community," Mosher said. "They've been coming and congratulating me and saying they're excited about it. Everyone's so excited about it."

The pub's capacity is 50 inside, and about 125 for outside. Mosher hopes to have that space filled come Saturday nights this summer.

"I hope people enjoy it," she said. "It gets some good energy for Herkimer, the more people we get in this area the better."

Excitement in the form of live music is a much-appreciated entity in any community, but it's extremely important right now in the Village of Herkimer.

The pub will keep its outdoor patio open until 2 am on so late-night patrons can get the most out of their Saturday nights in the summertime.

Stay tuned for updates or check out the pub's Facebook page.

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