Public transportation peaking interest as gas prices continue to rise


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - As gas prices continue to soar, more people are turning to public transportation as their main means of travel to save money.

Shay Miosek hops on the bus every day to commute from Herkimer to Utica for classes because she cannot shell out the amount of money it would take to fill up her gas tank.

"I pay $24 a week on the bus to get to Utica," said Miosek. "If I had a car it would be triple that. I do get to save a lot and I get to take care of my kids and have some more money for myself."

While the bus may be a money-saver, it's not exactly a time-saver.

"Taking the bus is a little longer so you have to schedule your time a little differently," said Miosek. "You have to make sure you are early and have everything prepared that way."

The bus is Jennifer Delgado's only mode of transportation because she cannot afford car insurance or gas expenses. She says public transportation presents its own set of challenges, but it is still less expensive then driving her own car.

"I just wish they had more hours during the night time especially for people that work late hours or overnights so you know people don't have to spend so much for taxis," said Delgrado. "Taxi rates with gas is ridiculous. I had to spend on Saturday $35 just to get to Ilion because there were no busses."

A representative from Centro Bus told us ridership has increased recently because of the high gas prices. They are expecting a spike in business if gas reaches $4.25 a gallon.

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