Scare tactic or invasion of privacy in Burlington Coat Factory fitting rooms?


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - The signs inside the fitting rooms of the Burlington Coat Factory Store in North Utica's Riverside Center warn: "Fitting rooms may be monitored by same gender personnel."

Everyone we asked took that to mean the same thing.

"That you're being watched, like someone's watching you or there's a camera in there, maybe," said one woman who occasionally shops at the store.

"People are watching me. That, I don't like," added a man we asked.

It's easy to see why Burlington Coat Factory would have to resort to such measures in order to protect their inventory. The last six months of 2011, Utica Police were called there 35 times for shoplifters; that's an average of more than once a week.

However, store officials say there's no big brother at Burlington watching shoppers undress.

"We do monitor the fitting room complex for customer service inquiries and cleanliness, just like other retailers. However, we do not use any video cameras or any other methods within our fitting rooms. Burlington is in the process of developing new fitting room signs to prevent any misunderstandings," says company spokesperson Danielle Arceneaux.

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