UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - A recent study conducted by Ask.com finds that the largest distraction in the workplace is loud co-workers. We tested that out at WKTV. 40 percent of those polled in The Office Workplace Productivity study say impromptu meetings when a co-worker stops by their work space are distracting. We conducted a mini-poll here at WKTV asking what distracts our employees at the office. Live at Five Anchor Kristen Copeland says she's tough to break. She says she's very focused at work. Distractions can come from outside the office as well. Noon News Anchor Dave Dellecese says the phone can be distracting, because it's tough to get back on task after fielding calls. He says he constantly asks "What was I doing?" after getting distracted by a phone call. And this one might fall into the category of loud employees: Multimedia Journalist Andrew Donovan, says his biggest distraction is when a computer or television that's not his, plays loudly. National Regional Sales Manager Katie Drake agrees with the 61 percent who say loud co-workers is the biggest distraction.