Tablets leading the pack when it comes to holiday gifts


NEW HARTFORD, N.Y. (WKTV) - John Spinelli has spent many Christmas shopping seasons as General Manager of the Best Buy store in New Hartford, and he says this year, tablets are clearly the number one selling electronic item as far as gifts go.

He says whether you're talking about Apple, Microsoft or Samsung, people are coming into the store specifically looking for a tablet, and they're leaving with a tablet.

Skot Thayer is one of the Best Buy sales associates who talks tablets with customers all day.  He says the iPad Air is leading the pack, "It's the most popular thing we have in stock.   On Black Friday, we had these guys on sale for $50 dollars off and they sold out quicker than anything else did."

Thayer says the Samsung Note 10 is also a big selling tablet, "It comes with a built in pen.  You could get a pen for any of these touch screen tablets, but this is cool because it communicates with the device when it's not even touching it.  And it's also a pressure-sensored pen, so if you're into graphic design or if you have kids that like to draw, you can actually get a level of shading in on this, which you can't do with other tablets."

Thayer says a lot of people are coming in to purchase a new computer with the same old 'hard drive in a tower' technology that they already have, but they end up leaving with a tablet, "We see that all the time.  They want a new tower and we find out what their needs are, and we say are you sure you wouldn't consider a tablet? They say I don't know, and then you bring them over and show them the things a tablet can do and boom, sold."

Cathy Blackwell was shopping for a tablet for her grandson at Best Buy Friday morning,, "A tablet is something he can use and he's not going to be looking at that tiny little screen on his cell  phone all the time anymore.  I'm worried about his eyes."

As far as other electronic items that are hot sellers, Spinelli says the Beats by Dr Dre Headphones are also popular gifts this year.

Spinelli says the Beats Headphones sell for $199.99 and are popular with young people, "They come in several different colors, and they're like a fashion plate.  They don't only use them as a headphone, they use them as an accessory, they're just really popular all across the country."

One of the lesser known items in the Best Buy store is also one of the most expensive, but it's new.  And Spinelli says for people who want to be the very first at having a certain electronic item, this is the item for them.  "It's the Samsung 55 inch UHD TV.  UHD stands for Ultra High Definition. This is the Cadillac of them all.  This is what we call a 4K TV.  The number of pixels that goes into this is 3 to 4 times any other TV on the market."

The unbelievable picture will cost you $2,999.99 at Best Buy.  And that's on sale.  Normally it retails there for $3499.99.

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