Snowmobile Club President: Using trails before they open illegal and harmful


MOHAWK VALLEY, N.Y. (WKTV) - In the Southern Tier of New York State, most of the Mohawk Valley, the snowmobile trails do not open until after hunting season closes, December 21.

One snowmobile club President says riders should stay off those trails until they do open or they could be compromising future agreements.

Dave Adams, President of the Central New York Snow Travelers, says that people who ride before trails open should do so on their own property. Riders who use trails that are closed, and cut through private property, could cost thousands of other riders the opportunity to the trail, Adams said.

"We had a major re-route we had to do in Sangerfield because of one landowner," said Adams. "It took us two years to straighten it out."

Sergeant Jim McCarthy, in charge of the Oneida County Sheriff's snowmobile patrol, says anyone that is out on a trail before it is open and on someone's private property could be arrested for trespassing.

"We do get those calls for trespassing," said McCarthy. "You can damage other people's property this time of year. You can also do a lot of damage to your sleds because the trails are not maintained."

Adams says clubs like his work on the trails all year round. The Snow Travelers have 150 miles of groomed trails alone, Adams added.

"Some of it is education, some of it is just plain attitude," said Adams about those who ride before the trails open.

"There are people who say 'I paid my $25 or my $45 to be registered, I'll ride wherever I want to go.'"

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