Blainey pleads not guilty to slew of charges in Davis Motel murder

By WKTV News

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Serial rapist and now murder suspect Robert Blainey made his first appearance in a local courtroom on Wednesday.

An indictment was unsealed, charging Blainey with six crimes. The most serious of those charges - first-degree murder of north Utica motel owner Linda Turner. Blainey's attorney, Leland McCormac, of the Oneida County Public Defender's Office, entered a not-guilty plea on Blainey's behalf to the entire, six-count indictment. Prosecutor and Oneida County District Attorney Scott McNamara says there will be no plea offer from the D.A.'s office.

"Mr. Blainey should never walk free," McNamara said. "That's my position and based upon the fact that we can ask for that punishment in this case, that's what we're asking for, that he be sentenced to life without parole."

Aside from the first-degree murder charge, Blainey faces first-degree rape, burglary and robbery charges, as well as a grand larceny and criminal trespass charge.

Blainey disappeared from parole in October while living in Utica. Pennsylvania State Police caught up with him shortly after, allegedly driving murder victim Turner's car. Police and prosecutors believe Blainey hid out in Room 17 of the Davis Motel on Herkimer Road for three days before attacking and killing owner Turner on or around November 2.

Blainey's attorney says it's too early to speculate about whether or not Blainey might want to plead guilty, accept the maximum sentence and avoid trial.

"I will get all the information, I'm sure, that the district attorney possesses and then at that point, Robert and I will be able to hold meaningful discussions about what is all the evidence in the case," McCormac said. "And as I say, he will make that ultimate decision of whether to have a trial or not."

Next, the defense will familiarize himself with the prosecution's case and evidence against his client. McCormac expects to go to the Oneida County Jail to see Blainey on Thursday.

All parties are due back in Oneida County Court January 18 for a status report, to let the judge know how they're progressing. Blainey is being held without bail in the Oneida County Jail.

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