Corrections Officer headed to trial in January for steroid accusations

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - One of two Oneida County Correction Officers charged with possessing and selling steroids is headed to trial.

Peter DiNardo's trial date is now set for January. The case has been delayed because his attorney was injured in a car accident.

DiNardo, 42, of Deerfield, recently rejected a deal to plea to a misdemeanor.

Also accused in this case was former New York State Corrections officer Zachary Lazore, 23, of Yorkville, who admitted to selling steroids earlier in the year.

At his July sentencing, Lazore learned he would not face any prison time, but rather five years probation for selling steroids to a police informant last July.

Lazore was terminated last year while Dinardo was suspended without pay.

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