D.A.: Gunman was armed with 95 rounds of ammunition


HERKIMER, N.Y. (WKTV) - Herkimer County officials have released alarming new information about the extent to which the gunman in last week's mass shooting spree was armed; a chilling indication of how much worse an already tragic situation could have been.

"Fifty live rounds of 12-gauge ammunition was found on or near the suspect.... in the vehicle there were 45 additional 12-gauge shells for a total of 95 live rounds," says Herkimer County District Attorney Jeffrey Carpenter, adding that those numbers are in addition to the rounds suspect Kurt Myers fired, at six shooting victims and at police officers.

Carpenter says that Monday, March 25 is being declared a day of remembrance in Herkimer County, for the victims, the survivors, and the entire community as they struggle to heal and move forward.

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