A North Carolina man has been indicted/formally charged with the murder of a former Ilion woman living in Maryland. Deborah Castellano moved to Columbia, Maryland, for a fresh start, but what she found there was an untimely, violent end, police say, at the hands of her ex-boyfriend. Around 4:21 a.m. on May 4, a person living in Castellano's apartment complex called 911 to report shots fired. Police checked out the area, but found nothing. Then, nearly five hours later at 9:06 a.m., another caller reported a woman's body in a car in the complex parking lot. When Howard County, Maryland police called victim Deborah Castellano's family to tell them she'd been shot multiple times and murdered, a family member shouted, "He did it! He did it!" explaining that they were referring to Castellano's ex-boyfriend, Ryan Patrick Matthias. Three days before the murder, on May 1, one of Matthias' family members sent a Facebook message to one of Castellano's family members. "You do not know me, but I am Ryan's sister...he went to see her today and waited for her at the complex. What he saw was a man coming out of her apartment. He called me at 2 am to tell me he thought about hurting her for lying to him," read the message from Matthias' sister. Police obtained rental car and phone records belonging to Matthias. He's currently charged with first and second degree murder as well as first degree assault. The case is progressing through Howard County, Maryland court.