Flanders sentenced to 24 years in prison for attempted murder


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Pernell Flanders, of Utica, will spend at least the next 24 years in prison for attempted murder following a shooting in June 2010.

Flanders was sentenced in Oneida County Court on Tuesday after being convicted of four crimes during a jury trial in 2010. Flanders was found guilty of attempted murder, assault, criminal possession of a weapon and reckless endangerment.

Flanders shot John Thorington several times in June following an incident that took place between Thorington and Flanders' sister. That incident prompted Flanders to track down Thorington and shoot him several times.

Thorington survived, but as Oneida County Court Judge Barry Donalty said in court on Tuesday, they survived "just barely."

"As I recollect from the testimony of the doctor who treated Mr. Thorington, it is quite remarkable he wasn't killed," said Judge Donalty. "(Especially) considering the position of the bullet that entered him.

Flanders remained quiet throughout the whole proceeding except for when he was leaving the courtroom. As he exited, Flanders was overheard yelling "I had to hold my cool for my brothers."

Following the sentencing, Flanders' attorney did not say much, but did mention "a lot happened that night" back in June.

"There were a lot of inconsistencies during several people's testimony during the trial," said Oneida County Assistant Public Defender Mark Curley.

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