Ikiko Brown: "I don't deserve 30 years in prison"


UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - Ikiko Brown, the man charged as an accomplice in a bank robbery and shooting of an Oneida County Sheriff's Deputy, was sentenced to 30 years in state prison on Wednesday.

Brown told Oneida County Court Judge Michael Dwyer that he did not feel he deserved the agreed upon sentence.

Ikiko Brown said he accompanied his cousin Brian Brown in robbing the NBT Bank in Rome on July 29. Shortly after a high speed chase for both Browns, Oneida County Sheriff's Deputy Michael Burger was shot in the ankle.

Brown also pleaded guilty to a separate robbery earlier in the year in Utica at the Bank of America. Each plea offer carried a 15 year prison sentence for a total of 30 years.

Ikiko Brown told the court Monday that he does not deserve 30 years in state prison because he never went into the bank or possessed a gun.

"I was in the car", Brown said. "I had no felonies, nothing, and your going to give me 30 years? That's taking away my whole life, your honor."

Oneida County Assistant District Attorney Kurt Hameline said Monday that even as an accomplice, Ikiko Brown is guilty in the eyes of the law.

"Some of these tellers thought they were going to die," said Hameline. "It is not a kid's game. He knew full well what was going to possibly happen. Look at what happened to Deputy Burger. You get involved in these things, you're going to have to pay the price."

A very upset Ikiko Brown told the court on Wednesday, he did not understand paperwork he signed during a previous court appearance, giving up his rights and accepting a plea deal to 30 years in prison.

Judge Dwyer told Brown that it was explained to him several times what the deal would be and that there was no way he could have left the courtroom not understanding the offer.

Judge Dwyer again gave Brown one last opportunity Wednesday to avoid sentencing and testify against his cousin Brian Brown. By doing so, Ikiko Brown would only serve 25 years in prison.

Brown refused to testify.

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